Birthstone for September: Sapphire

Did you know that sapphires are one of the most valued gemstone? That's right, this gem is on the list of the most coveted worldwide, but that's not all, if you want to know all its secrets in RAGNAR JEWELLERS we share with you everything you should know.

  • The sapphire is one of the most important and beautiful stones in the world, and although there are different shades, the color of these is one of the factors that exist to mark its price, being the "blue" the most valuable, but that's not all, the more intense it is the more quoted, because the intense blues better known as: "Kashmir sapphire" are the most difficult to find in the market.
  • Sapphires are known as the gem of sincerity, love, happiness, truth and fidelity, therefore, nowadays they are an excellent choice to use as an engagement ring. 
  • They are also related to peace, wisdom, prosperity, protection and joy. According to legends, these gems can take care of you on lasting journeys, keep you on the spiritual path, attract gifts of life and energetically fulfill our dreams. 
  • And if you wonder what about durability, we have good news for you, sapphires are for life, as they are the second hardest mineral (within the Mohs scale, which goes from 1 to 10, sapphire is at hardness 9), being diamond the only one more resistant than it.
If you were still undecided on buying a sapphire, do not hesitate and look for the one you like, remember there are not only blue but also different colors, being the combination of several creating a "rainbow" one of the most seen trends in recent years. Book an appointment with our experts and we will find the perfect sapphire piece of jewel for you!

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