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    Jewellery essentials: The Pearl Necklace

    Jewellery essentials: The Pearl Necklace

         Pearl necklaces (also known as "strands") have always been coveted. From Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn, glowing and shimmery pearls have graced the necks of royalty, nobles, aristocrats and iconic women of ALL ages.

         Specifically, pearl necklaces have been a great icon in the fashion sector where actresses and celebrities still choose this piece as the main accessory for important glamorous events. They are ancient, yet modern; a timeless accessory that symbolizes a perfect link from the past to the present.

         Recently with the dawning of the age of "the powerful, mature woman", pearl necklaces have re-emerged to become an essential jewellery piece, worn by women achieving that self awareness that only physical maturity bestows. 

         Today, women at 40 are more confident, more accomplished, and more powerful than any other time in history, and they are purchasing pearls. 

    Great Women in Film Who Love Pearls 

         Pearls have a great historical significance in the world of fashion as well as a clear prominence in the cinema, where the most some of the most iconic actresses built their images while wearing a pearl necklace.

         Grace Kelly, the American actress who later became Princess Grace of Monaco, starred in great films such as Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and wore pearl necklaces continuously. She wore them every day casually, and also for more formal and glamorous occasions. She is known as one of the most elegant women of her time, and pearls were a staple in her jewellery collection until the very end.

         Audrey Hepburn will always be a great reference of elegance and style. Her most famous and well-known image comes from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, where she wore a simple black dress combined with button earrings made of pearls and a large necklace with multiple rows of large pearls.

         Princess Diana of Wales is another icon of elegance who often chose pearl jewellery. It could be said that it was a must have in her jewellery box. Some of the most spectacular jewels are: a diamond and pearl necklace ("Swan Lake", now coming up for auction for the first time ever!), the famous multi-strand pearl necklace with a sapphire centerpiece worn with her blue velvet "revenge dress" after her split from the now King Charles III, and the iconic Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara, now worn regularly by Princess Kate Middleton, Princes of Wales (the daughter in law Diana never met). It is rare to see Princess Kate wearing any other tiara for formal occasions.

    When to wear a pearl necklace?


         You can wear them at work, with casual sweaters and jeans when you're out for a walk or a date, for a birthday party, together with a simple evening dress, to a very glamorous gala, and so on. There is great freedom when you add a pearl necklace to any outfit - pearls really work for any occasion.

         Follow your own style - there are no rules as long as you feel great. They aren't doing any good just waiting for you in your jewellery box!

         So, why deprive yourself of wearing a pearl necklace because you think it is too "formal" or that you are not old enough to wear this iconic jewellery staple? Now more than ever is the time to embrace the mighty pearl necklace. Life is short, wear your pearls today! 

    And as always, at Ragnar Jewellers design studio in Vancouver, you can find the perfect pearls for you. 


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