While our jewellery was created to last a lifetime, there are some factors that can contribute to the everyday wear and tear your fine jewellery.

Storing your Jewellery

      Because of the high value and rarity of certain jewellery, some people like to store their jewellery in a safe when not in use. If you have individual gemstones, store them separately in soft pouches to prevent them from coming in contact with other hard surfaces. Store silver jewellery in a cool, dry place, preferably in a soft piece of felt or cloth.

      If you would like to have your jewellery professionally cleaned, bring it in to Ragnar Jewellers Ltd. and we will have your jewellery looking shiny and new; just like the day you received it!

Cleaning Your Jewellery

      Be careful using ultrasonic cleaners, as only certain gemstones can handle the ultrasonic vibrations. Jewellery cleaners usually contain a mild solution of sudsy ammonia and water. Using a soft brush you can remove dust or dirt from under and in between the settings. Silver jewellery can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth, with or without special silver cleaning solution. (We have special polishing cloths for just $10!)

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