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D & L


I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Diane, Ragnar and their extremely talented team for creating my amazing - and stunningly beautiful - ring! I waited many, many years for this "Forever Ring" and it had to be "just right"! Every step (from viewing loose diamonds, to designing the ring itself, to developing a wax model, to the final product) was approached with total professionalism, passion and care! I so appreciate their absolute attention to detail, their expertise, and their genuine interest in making my ring EXACTLY as I had envisioned and dreamed it would be! Every step in the process was so enjoyable, exciting and memorable. I absolutely love and cherish my ring and it couldn't be more perfect.

Trudy Perrin


I had some brooches purchased, years ago the had broken clasp, Jennifer from Ragnar, was so very help, and her suggestions were awesome, she has made me one very happy camper, the brooches were fixed, you would never know they were broke, Jennifer went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed and it was all done in such a short time. Thank you Jennifer for making my day 😄



I went to Ragnar Jewellers several months ago on a mission to custom design my engagement ring using diamonds from my fiance's mom and great aunt, and from my grandmother's engagement ring. I had some ideas of what I was hoping to do but I was a bit nervous - I'm by no means an expert jewelry designer, nor do I have really any experience with buying fancier, non-costume, jewelry. I felt like I was a bit all over the map about my hopes.

Angie and Diane received me on that first day so warmly, so professionally, and my experience over the few months that followed only continued from there! They were very honest about what was possible, very enthusiastic about helping me, and were 100% committed to ensuring the final design perfectly matched my aesthetic. They were knowledgable about the types of stones that I had available to use, and were transparent about the process with providing an estimate for the cost, and time it would take.

In the end, they created for me two beautiful rings that I know I'll cherish forever - and honestly that I can't take my eyes off of! One engagement ring with three stones (the centre stone is larger and the two side stones are smaller and sort of tucked in), on an oval-shaped band. They suggested this oval-shaped band because the place-holder enagement ring my fiance has proposed to me with was a round ring and my chief issue with that ring had been that it was constantly slipping so that the crystal cubic-zirconia would rotate around and be on the pam side of my hand. The now official Ragnar Custom Engagement ring never slips and is completely comfortable!

I also had a wedding band created to sit alongside my engagement band, with my grandmothers diamonds from her engagement ring, inlayed or set (not sure which is the accurate description for it) in that band. Although I'm not yet wearing the wedding band, I've tried them on together and I'm so enthralled by the look.

I'm overall completely happy with the time and care and service the Ragnar staff took to help me and ensure my experience went well! I would recommend them about a million times over!!


Scott H


I have purchased jewelry all over the world and extensively in Vancouver, I have never had such a excellent experience has I had at Ragnar’s. Diane went out of her way to walk me through the entire purchase and design process. Diane and her team made me feel very welcome at their store. I know I will return to make more purchases. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Diane and Ragnar’s to all of my friends.

Jacky L


Place is very professional and easy to find. Angie was a great help in finding the right accessories. My fiancee and I have busy schedules, and she went out of her way to show us different ring styles with a beautiful catalogue customized for us. Even though she's their graphics designer, I highly recommend finding her if you ever need help looking for the right jewelry.

Jenny K


I went into Ragnar to get an estimate on an older ring in my collection (families) and came out with engagement ring! I never let the associate know that I was looking for an engagement ring as well but since I was there, and since she was so friendly (her name is Angie) and knowledgable, I decided to look around. I went in during their once a year sale and found the ring that I had been looking for for months! Everything from the service to the prices/products was amazing. Also, you can't beat supporting a locally owned family run store.

Shelley Z

Not Rated


I recently brought some expensive fine jewellery for refurbishment, cleaning, appraisal and repair. The staff were outstanding and attentive and all my gems were restored to their original fine quality. I am pleased to recommend Ragnar as one of the city's finest jewelers.

Cody S


I can't say enough great things about Ragnar Jewellers and my experience with them creating a custom engagement ring for my fiancee.
With my work I am often out of province for extended periods of time so I was cautious about designing with a company over email and phone calls. After speaking with Diane at Ragnar I was very happy to see how great her and the team were at turning words in an email into models and designs for the perfect ring. In little to no time we had a design that far exceeded my expectations within the planned budget.
When I managed to get a few weeks off to get back to BC I was able to finally meet face to face with Diane at their location. I was incredibly impressed by the knowledge and experience she brought to the table and their entire staff were friendly and professional. I felt like they genuinely wanted my business and cared about needs.
Diane went one further and bent over backwards to push the ring faster into production. Her team worked incredibly hard to deliver our dream ring while I was still in town and I was able to propose to my now fiancee (She said yes!) before leaving again for almost half a year. I'm still amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship, especially as it was all done custom and within budget!
I will be doing all of my future jewellery shopping with Ragnar after the amazing experience and service I received here. I can't thank Diane and her team enough for creating our dream ring!

Patti A


My husband and I have bought all our jewellery from Ragnars for the last 10 years. Not only do they have beautiful stylish pieces, we always get great service from Jennifer. She goes above and beyond to help us.

Joanne S


I’ve been dealing with Ragnar for just a few years but I’m very pleased with all my experiences there. I have had several pieces of heirloom jewelry cleaned and repaired with exceptional results as well as a few purchases for both my husband and myself. I would recommend them to anyone. Be sure to talk to Diane she is very knowledgeable and informative and she cracks me up with her quick wit and charming personality.

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Jo Chisholm

August 19, 2020

Jennifer is so wonderful to work with on custom redesign. Great ideas to satisfy what I am looking for. Very happy with finished product and have had 2 things redesigned. Nice atmosphere with which to work as well. Would recommend this service.

Emma Mackey

August 17, 2020

I am so pleased with how everything turned out! I had 2 old rings from my grandmother that I didn't quite love cause of the old settings. I took them in to Ragnar Jewellers to to be redesigned them into 2 new rings and a pair of stud earrings and love how they turned out!

Mrg Chan

July 28, 2020

Designing with Diane was wonderful. We made a perfect pendent that is beautiful. Thank you very much. It looks even better than the pictures. I like that the engravings are deeper and the textured gold finish in the grooves sets up the polished parts. Thanks again Ragnar.

Kate Howard

August 12, 2020

After many years of frustration dealing with jewellers in the US, where we bought our custom pieces, we finally decided to try Ragnar to work on our wedding and engagement rings. We needed to have some gems replaced and new stones added. Diane was wonderful to deal with and the price even came in under the quote. The results are fantastic! I’m so happy to have my business back in Canada with this top-notch team.

Vanessa Pereira

September 10, 2020

My husband and I went to Ragnar Jewellers Design to get new wedding rings. We got so much support from Juliana, who showed us the best rings we could ever find. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable to wear. Everything was perfect, and I will definitely be back whenever I need to buy jewellery.