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What Jewellery to Grab FIRST when the Zombie Apocalypse begins!

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 at 4:13 pm by Anita

In our humble opinion, the question is not "if" but "when"... the Zombies are coming, and you need to be ready....

Here's the 5 pieces of jewellery you need to grab first in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse

 1. Your wedding ring


                 Looking down at it when you're surrounded by brain eaters  could be just the spark you need                     to fight your way out because gosh darn it, it's Tuesday, and that means  "DATE NIGHT"! -                             There's no better motivation to survive than knowing it's your better half's turn to buy popcorn                   with extra butter at the movies tonight!

         Here's the one WE would grab...

2. Your religious medallions/pendants


                  In the face of impending demise, we look towards a higher power for solace - grab that Star of                    David, or your trusty crucifix; maybe a divine power will save you!!  (Hey, it works in the                              movies.)

3. The oldest jewellery you've inherited to date


                This is the legacy of your forefathers/foremothers! Hold tight to the past, and hope for an                            opportunity to pass it down to your next of kin after a long, healthy, zombie free future! Fine                        jewellery is one of the few articles that lasts within a family for generations.

4. Pocket watch


                  So you'll  know how much time you have before sundown - you know zombies are nocturnal,                      right? You could also use the sapphire crystal to send signals to other survivors by reflecting                      the sun's rays, MacGyver-style..

5. Anything "stabby"


                 Brooches, or rings with high settings and earrings with long posts can be used as a weapon -                     if  you're close enough that you need  to use one, you're probably dead meat, but if you're going                   to serve up your brains for the main course anyway, you might as well go down fighting!